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Bentley Pontoons New Boat Models

Our Bentley Pontoons Showroom

From our Family of boaters to yours. Enjoy your time on the water.

At Bentley, we’re dedicated to superior quality, craftsmanship and customer service all done with the intent to create the best value in boating. Our dedication starts with our people. For these reasons and more, we choose to make many of our own components, such as, furniture, canvas work, tubes, and fence railing. Not only does this give us our own, unique look, with superior style and comfort, but it ensures that it saves you time, aggravation, and money. You get the ultimate luxury, performance, and ride quality at an affordable price. Our internal design, engineering and product development processes assure that you get superior quality construction and functionality. Simply put, we want you, your family and friends who boat with you to have an enjoyable, stress free and relaxing escape on the water. Our manufacturing team and headquarters is in Lexington, South Carolina. This team of highly skilled, trained, passionate and hard-working individuals pride themselves in creating and crafting an excellent product every day. Additionally, we invest in the best people and training for our office team of support and customer service people. We partner with our dealer network to service you after the sale with a superior experience. Welcome to the family – enjoy your new Bentley.