Elite One man Tour

What makes this tournament unique is that it is not a team event.  It’s anglers vs. the fish and other anglers. How is this different from a team event?

  1. You need to land your own fish since you won’t have a partner to net it for you.
  2. You make all the decisions on what spots to fish, how long to fish that spot and when it is time to try a new spot.
  3. You can’t blame your partner if your day doesn’t turn out as planned.
  4. You get to keep all the prize money!

Thanks for fishing with us! Our goal is to create an opportunity to show our commitment to tournament anglers as well as enjoying the great sport in which we love so much. We are also trying to create a platform for future tour anglers.

  • 100% Payback
  • Pays 1 in 5 Places
  • Pays 1 Big Fish Spots
      *Rules and Prizes are Subject to Updates/Changes for the 2022 Season
    **Points champion will be awarded free entries the following year but does not include Championship, membership fee or Big Fish**

Tournament Directors:

Cindy Joint | 407-709-0618


1 January 9, 2022 Lake Kissimmee Camp Mack Results
2 February 20, 2022 Istapoga State Park Hwy 98 Results
3 March 19, 2022 Okeechobee Scott Driver Park Results
4 April 23, 2022 Harris Chain Buzzard Beach Results
5 May 22, 2022 Toho Kissimmee Lake Front Results
6 June 25, 2022 Orange Lake Marjorie Rawlings
7 July 16, 2022 Okeechobee Scott Driver Park
8 August 6, 2022 Lake Kissimmee Camp Mack
Classic October 1 & 2, 2022 Okeechobee Scott Driver Park