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Phoenix New Boat Models

Our Phoenix Showroom


Phoenix Boats is comprised of anglers: from weekend anglers to local tournament anglers to an Elite Series angler. This allows us to provide high performance boats along with the best fishing platform on the market!

Every model we produce is balanced, not only from bow to stern, but also from port to starboard, to give customers the handling and comfort that they have grown to love. Balance allows for smoother rides in rough water conditions and exceptional turning capabilities while staying dry in the cockpit.

Every detail on each model is an effort to elevate the fishability of our boats. From trim switches at the bow, to the deck heights, to our independent livewell systems and the multitude of electronics mounting options—it’s all about making a better fishing platform. We use all of our experiences on the water to develop each of these features.


Phoenix Boats is a combination of the best parts, the best people, the best processes, belief, loyalty and passion! It takes all of these components to deliver our product to our customers on a daily basis.

From the highest quality gelcoats, resins and fiberglass available to all stainless steel latches, cleats, grab handles and lid-assist assemblies, we use the best components we can find for the construction of our boats.

At Phoenix Boats, we believe we have the best boat builders in the world! We have a team of employees dedicated to paying attention to every detail and to building a boat that not only meets our customers’ expectations, but exceeds them. From years of experience in boat building, we have fine-tuned our processes to provide the performance, the durability and the exceptional finish that you see on each boat we produce.

Everyone at Phoenix Boats believes in and are passionate about the products and the vision of the company. We are loyal to our customers, our commitment to excellence and to providing the best boat possible. Passion drives everything! We are passionate about the sport of bass fishing and building boats…where these two passions merge, Phoenix Boats appears.


We have meticulously designed our boats so our customers can enjoy every moment on the water, whether that is fun fishing, practicing for a tournament or while the clock is ticking until weigh-in. We have developed a model lineup that has something for every bass angler out there.

Our goal is for our customers to see our commitment and passion in everything we produce. We truly produce a product that is built by anglers for anglers.

Phoenix Boats brings you the value of choice and customization. Our customers have a choice in how they want their boat built. We offer a variety of selections on engines, trolling motors, electronics, battery chargers and numerous accessories to allow you to customize your boat.

One of the most valuable choices our customers make are their color selections. Customers can chose from over 50 different gelcoat and flake color options and over 20 different upholstery color options along with multiple carpet color selections.